Capturing New Beginnings: Timeless Newborn Photography

Capturing new beginning in a timeless and thoughtful way is my goal. I love knowing, in 20 years time, you can look back on these memories and not question your choice of wardrobe or whatever popular prop is the latest and greatest.

This sweet family chose me for their, now 2 year old’s, newborn session, as well as this one. I am always so grateful to watch your family grow up.

a young family of 5 posing for their fist family photo in a white room with their newest baby.

The art of capturing new beginnings through timeless newborn photography

Timeless newborn photography starts with creating an environment where the natural beauty of your newborn can be captured in its purest form. I do this is through choosing neutral colors and simple wardrobe selections that will stand the test of time. This will allow all of the focus to be on your baby and the connection you share with him/her.

  • Understanding the best timing for newborn shoots is crucial. Typically, the ideal period is within the first 14 days of birth when babies are sleepier and more malleable for those adorable poses. However, keep in mind, my style of photography doesn’t require a specific age. If you need more time that’s totally acceptable. We will still be able to capture beautiful, timeless memories.
  • warm and comfortable setting is key to ensuring your baby’s comfort and safety during the shoot. This may mean you (definitely me) will be a bit warm. Once we get through any poses that require baby to be unwrapped I will turn on the AC and wrap baby so we’re all comfortable.
  • Soft, natural lighting helps to enhance the gentle and peaceful nature of your newborn, which is essential for timeless photographs. I prefer to utilize natural light as much as possible but will break out the artificial lighting for those dark, gloomy days.
  • Choosing timeless, non-distracting wardrobe, just behind soft lighting, is a very important step for timeless newborn photography. For this family we chose soft blues, tans and whites which are always great choices for any environment. Mom and daughters dress, along with big brothers shirt are all available as part of my client wardrobe for use during your session.

Why Choose Timeless, professional Newborn Photography

While your smartphone can capture beautiful, everyday memories for you, it won’t provide you with all of the other details you want for a successful session.

Natural posing, choosing the right wardrobe and finding the best light are all details I will take care of for you. Learn more below.

Beyond the Camera – How I help you plan and prepare for your session

Timeless newborn photography goes beyond taking a picture—it’s about creating an experience. My approach focuses on:

  • Guiding you through the process so you can enjoy the session stress-free. I do this by providing wardrobe options (Mom and both of big sisters dresses are part of my client closet along with big brothers shirt and little man’s wrap.) I offer a selection of simple outfits for baby but, often, parents have a special outfit for them.
  • Along with wardrobe selections you can relax knowing I will take care of any detail for you so you don’t have to. This includes making hair and makeup appointments along with shopping for you online if you would like to purchase something to wear. After your session you can even, easily, order prints and products.
  • Along with wardrobe and planning assistance you will be provided with a guide on how to prepare the day of. From the best make-up looks to what to expect. All of the details have been thoughtfully curated to make sure you aren’t left in the dark about a single detail.
  • Ensuring the safety and comfort of the newborn throughout the session is very important. Along with wearing a mask and sanitizing my hands often, I will only handle your baby minimally.

This approach results in not just photographs, but memories that are artfully preserved.

Customizing Your Session

Each family is unique, and so is each newborn session. You may want the entire session to focus on your new baby. Maybe you want a few portraits with your older children. I offer personalized sessions that include everything you want to remember about this time. Sessions can take place either in my in-home studio, at your home or at a location of the your choosing in the Birmingham area.

From maternity photography to capturing the early stages of childhood, Laura’s services cover all important family milestones for young families.

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