This is my family and my reason for picking up a camera over 9 years ago. 

I am a wife of 11 years, a mom of over 9, and a North Carolinean at heart.  I'm a morning person through and through and may try to talk you into a sunrise session.

I love photographing babies and small children with their families.  The joy, wonder and emotion they so easily express captured my heart long ago.       

Hi, I'm Laura

nothing beats the time we have together to laugh, play and snuggle

my family

One of my favorite things to do is play geeky board games with my husband and friends.  I've listed 2 of my all-time favorites.  Click the image to purchase.  

geeky board games

I have a serious tic-tac addiction.  The green ones are my favorite.  I don't like the white ones at all. It's not just a mint to me.  I have to eat the whole box.

tic tacs

I love traveling.  I have my favorite places to re-visit but I love experiencing new places.  


favorite things

My approach every session with the intent of capturing real moments and connection in a minimal but intentional way.  I am drawn to light colors with texture and movement and will provide you with clothing guides and resources to choose a wardrobe that will compliment my editing style and shooting locations. 

With all of my sessions you can expect to receive a gallery full of  fun, joyful, and connected moments, some classic, looking at the camera portraits, and plenty of in betweens.

During your session I will guide you with light posing and prompting to fill your images with connection and fun moments so you'll be able to look back on your memories and remember every little thing about your family.  How your children smiled and showed you affection.  How they grasped a flower with amazement with their dimpled little hands. 

My approach


I am excited to hear more about the upcoming session I can help you plan.
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