More quickly than I could have ever imagined, my girls changed and grew.  Their sweet coos turned into words and sentences.  Their chubby thighs melted away as the feet that once could barely take a step were running away from me as fast as they could go.  I wanted to be able to have those memories to look back on forever and I wanted others to have them, too.

That is why I am a photographer

I am inspired by luminous light, soft colors and lots of joy and emotion for photographs that tell your story simply and beautifully.  

When you look back on your memories it's the joy and the emotion of the moment I believe should stand out.  


Chirst follower, wife, mother of 3 girls, North Carolinean at heart, lover of coffee, white cake, spearmint tic tacs and geeky board games

I like to relax with a good show or online board game.

  I'm a morning person through and through.  Catch me at 6 am but not after 8pm. 
Photography is my stress reliever and passion.  I love everything about it.  I love meeting you, getting to know you, capturing your story as your children grow and knowing that I've helped create lasting memories.

i'm laura


real moments


gorgeous florals

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