Tuscaloosa Studio Newborn Photographer

When I think of studio photographers, I think of super posed portraits with lots of props. As a Tuscaloosa studio newborn photographer photography sessions with me are lifestyle in nature. Lifestyle newborn sessions offer relaxed posing with minimal props. In my light and bright studio parents, a moses basket and a bed are the only props I use. No unnatural baby posing. No frilly clothing. Just your family and your baby snuggling, loving on and enjoying each other and the new life you’ve created.

Why Choose a Tuscaloosa studio newborn photographer versus having a session in your home?

  1. Controlled Environment: My studio provides a controlled setting with proper lighting, temperature, and props, ensuring the comfort and safety of the newborn. This controlled environment allows the me to create consistent and high-quality images.
  2. Peace of Mind: If you love the look of my lifestyle, studio sessions but aren’t sure your home offers the same aesthetic a studio session will bring you peace of mind knowing you will receive the exact look you’re hoping for.
  3. No need to clean or prepare: When you choose me as your Tuscaloosa studio newborn photographer you won’t have a need to prepare your home for photographs. My studio has a fun space for older siblings to play and snacks and drinks are provided. All you have to do is show up.

Overall, choosing a studio newborn photographer can provide clients with a professional and memorable experience, resulting in stunning images that they can cherish for a lifetime.

Mom chose a dress from my client closet made by Nothings Fits But. Along with this dress all sessions include a selection of dresses for mom’s, shirts for dad’s (both of dad’s shirts are available in my closet) and