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Clothing options for your Birmingham Photo Session with Laura Cardan

As a Birmingham photographer, Laura Cardan, recognizes the challenges families face when preparing for a photo session. To help alleviate this stress, she provides a curated wardrobe for her clients along with online shopping assistance. Laura’s client wardrobe includes a range of options for each family member. Moms, babies, dads, boys (up to size 5T) and girls( up to size 6) have options to choose from. Having this selection ensures that every family member can find an outfit that suits their style and fits comfortably.

Not only does including wardrobe with sessions simplify the preparation process, but it also saves you money. If you find shopping to be a daunting task you’ll really enjoy this aspect of booking a session with Laura.

Selecting a photographer who provides wardrobe options can enhance your overall photography experience in several ways:

  1. Variety, Quality and Style: First, a photographer’s wardrobe collection typically includes a variety of outfits in different styles, sizes, and colors to suit various preferences and themes. This allows you to have a range of options to choose from, ensuring that you find something that aligns with your vision for the photo shoot. Photographers who provide wardrobe options often curate their collection with garments that photograph beautifully and complement their style.
  2. Cost Savings:
  3. Secondly, renting or purchasing outfits specifically for a photo shoot can be costly. By utilizing the photographer’s wardrobe options, you can potentially save money on clothing expenses while still achieving the desired look and feel for your images.
  4. Time Savings: Finally, having access to a provided wardrobe and shopping assistance eliminates the need for you to worry about what to wear. Searching for wardrobe is often the most time consuming part of planning a photo session.

In conclusion, when selecting a photographer with wardrobe options, it’s essential to inquire about the available clothing selections, sizes, and any additional costs associated with using the wardrobe. Communicate your preferences and vision for the photo shoot to ensure that the chosen outfits align with your expectations and contribute to the desired outcome of the session.

Available dresses for your session

All dresses fit before, during and after pregnancy unless otherwise indicated.

Laura Cardan is a Maternity, Newborn, Baby and Family photographer offering studio and on-location sessions in and around Birmingham.