Tuscaloosa Baby Photographer

3 month, light and airy photo session for baby girl

The 3 month mark is such a special time for new parents and babies. Capture the magic with a professional photo shoot with a Tuscaloosa Baby Photographer. Light, minimal and timeless photography highlights your babies personality without the distraction of fancy props and bright colors. This guide will walk you through preparing for those perfect milestone, light and airy photos.

Work with an Experienced Baby Photographer

Plan well for the Photoshoot for Optimal Results

  • Schedule the session around baby’s usual alert and happy time
  • Dress baby in soft, neutral colors that complement their skin tone
  • Feed and change baby right before to minimize fussiness

Hiring a professional baby photographer in Tuscaloosa for a 3 month milestone session will result in stunning photos you’ll cherish forever. With planning and preparation, you’re sure to get beautiful, light-filled images showcasing your baby’s emerging personality.

Laura Cardan offers professional, light and airy, studio baby, newborn and family photography in her studio in Vestavia. Along with wardrobe for moms and babies, Laura provides hair bands for baby girls and white/pastel wraps and blankets for use during your session.