1st birthday, milestone photography

Capture your little one’s first birthday magic with a milestone photo session in Birmingham.

By their 1st birthday, babies are entering an exciting stage – walking, talking, and changing so quickly. Documenting this fleeting time with professional photos to showcase your baby’s budding personality is something you don’t want to skip. With detailed portraits, and candid shots, a 1st birthday, studio, milestone photography session makes the perfect keepsake gift your child will treasure when they’re older.

What if my baby is in a bad mood or doesn’t want to smile during their milestone photography session?

Though even the most meticulous planning can’t guarantee perfect results, don’t be discouraged if we need to reschedule your 1st birthday, studio, milestone photography session. Photography and parenting is an art of adapting to the unexpected, especially when babies and toddlers are involved. But there are still many tips that can help us have a successful photo shoot together. By following some simple guidelines, we can set ourselves up for beautiful images while still allowing creativity to flow naturally.

  • First, it’s very important to choose your session time when baby is most happy.
  • Well fed and well rested babies are happiest. If you can plan your session right after a good nap and meal or snack you’ll likely get the best results
  • Babies and small children like to be comfortable. Consider well fitting clothing in soft fabrics.
  • Consider at least 1 parent being involved in the photo session. I have found, babies are more likely to show different aspects of their personality when parents are holding them.
  • Bring a few favorite toys you don’t mind being in the photographs. Babies will often want to hold their favorite toys.
  • Take breaks to play and refocus baby. Your session doesn’t have to be rushed. Baby may need a break or 2 during your photo session.

Laura Cardan offers timeless, milestone sessions in her light and bright studio in Vestavia along with on-location sessions outdoors and in clients homes..