preparing for your newborn session

1 - When to Book
2 - When to schedule your session
3 - What to wear 
4 - How to prepare
5 - Final Payment
6 - After Your Session

when to book

I suggest booking newborn sessions 2-3 months in advance and outdoor family sessions 6 weeks in advance. 

Spring and Fall mini sessions start booking in March and August and sell out fast.  These are only available to email subscribers.  Make sure you sign up for my email list below to be able to book those. 

Send me and email or text as soon as possible when baby arrives.

We will discuss how you're feeling and when you think you'll be ready for your session and go ahead and get you on my schedule.  

when baby arrives

I suggest khaki's and light colored pants or jeans.
Try to avoid darker colors.

A simple t-shirt, polo or button up are all great shirt choices.

I don't suggest wearing shoes but if preferred remember to match socks to pants.

Remember to manicure fingers and nails.




A simple onsie or well fitting cotton or knit outfit/dress is great for baby.

If you don't want to use an outfit we'll keep them swaddled throughout the session.

Please avoid clothing that bunches or does not fit well.  

I will bring neutral colored wraps and white swaddles for use during your session.

If you have blankets and wraps you would like to use we will use those.




Transitional maternity dresses and other "bump friendly" clothing are great for your newborns session.  If you're planning ahead, choose items with stretch or are flowy.  If they fit before baby arrives they will likely look great after. 

Keep in mind how your clothing fits.  Does it hide what you don't want to be seen and look great in a variety of positions? 

Wear a little more makeup than usual and don't skip out on mascara and lipstick.

Manicure hands and feet.

Shoes are usually unnecessary.  If you do wear shoes make sure they aren't eye catching.




1.  Bright and Dark colors
2.  Large prints and stripes, logos and graphics
3.  Bulky clothing that bunches easily
4.  Clothing that doesn't fit well or wrinkles easily
5.  Large accessories like necklaces and hair bows




1.  Coordinate 2-4 neutral colors and pastels
2.  Choose a mixture of solids and dainty prints
3.  Choose complimentary jewelry that isn't bulky or       will get in the way 
4.  Choose comfortable fabrics with texture and               movement
5.  Consider how your clothing lays on you and will         look in      various positions




What you wear for your portrait session determines the entire feel of the session.

Whether you want to dress it up or be more casual, following my tips below will help me provide you with images that are flattering, beautiful and true to my style.


WHAT to wear 

how to prepare

If I am coming to your home for your session decide which rooms you would like for me to shoot in and tidy them.  It is not necessary to do a deep clean.  

Warm your home to a temperature that is comfortable for baby when not wrapped.  This may mean you're a little uncomfortable, but cold babies will make for a difficult sesion.

If you have booked a studio session you only need to show up.

Lay out or bring any special items you would like to use during your session.

After your session I will select the best images from your session and edit each one to fine tune details and remove distractions like unwanted facial blemishes and stray hairs. 
High-resolution, digital images will be delivered to you via online link within 2 weeks of your session.  You will be asked to approve these images and request edits before I will enable downloading.    

If you feel I have missed some shots you would have liked or are, overall, unhappy with the outcome of your session the opportunity to request a session do-over. 

after your session

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