Preparing for a photo session with young children with your Photographer in Birmingham AL

Are you searching for a Photographer in Birmingham AL or have a session scheduled to capture your children’s memories? Taking the perfect photo of your kids can be a challenge, so here are five tips to help you prepare your little ones for their close-up. From choosing the right outfit to getting them comfortable with the photographer, these tips will make the photo session an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Understand the importance of preparation

Preparing your children for a photo session is key to ensuring a successful and enjoyable experience. Understanding the importance of preparation will help set the tone for the session and allow your children to feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. By taking the time to plan and organize, you can ensure that everything runs smoothly and that your photographer in Birmingham, AL captures the best possible moments of your little ones.

Outfits and Full Bellies

Choose comfortable outfits and make sure they’re well fed. Children usually don’t care what they look like but they care if they’re uncomfortable or hungry. I do not suggest bribing with snacks or treats during your session. This will often cause the kids to get upset when the treat or snack is removed or they’ll have a full mouth in portraits.

Session Details and posing practice

Tell them where you’re going and who will be photographing them. If they’re old enough let them know what is expected of them ahead of time. That may look different for every family depending on what you want out of the photo session.

Practice poses and expressions together can help your child feel more comfortable in front of the camera. If you like to be playful during your session consider practicing shoulder rides and twirls in your arms. Those are 2 methods I use often with small children. If you like more snuggly photos practice getting on their level and doing kisses, nose touches and hugs. A cheek sandwich is a great way to get them looking at me while being interactive.

If you have girls have them practice twirling or holding one side of their dress while they lightly sway back and forth.

If they’re old enough have boys practice putting their hands in their pockets.

Stay positive and leave the smile making to me

Keep in mind that kids pick up on their parent’s energy, so staying positive and excited about the experience can help them enjoy it more too.

You’ll hear me tell parents to keep smiling. This is very important. If your child isn’t reacting to my cues to get them to smile just keep smiling. They’ll eventually react. If you’re not ready, however, we’ll get a cute photo of them and not of you.

Let them play and explore before and during your session

Allow your child to explore their environment by going on a short walk before the photo session starts, This can help them feel more relaxed and less self-conscious in front of the camera.

During a family session I will typically start with playful poses and go with the flow where necessary. If that goes well and quickly there will be time to allow your children to explore while I capture them. This is a great way to capture different aspects of their personalities.

Little man’s outfit can be found at The best dressed child.

Plan fun activities or a treat after your photo session

After the photo session is over, it’s time to celebrate and have some fun with your little ones! Plan some exciting activities to reward them for their hard work and to create lasting memories. Depending on your child’s interests, there are plenty of options to choose from in and around Birmingham, AL. After all, a fun-filled day after the photo session is the perfect way to celebrate your child’s close-up moment!

Laura Cardan is a Newborn, Motherhood, Baby, Maternity, Family and Children’s photographer in Birmingham AL. She offers on location lifestyle and studio photography.