Central Alabama Maternity Photographer

Don’t skip out on photo sessions because it seems hard

As a first-time, expectant mom who didn’t enjoy pictures, at the time, one of my biggest regrets is not documenting more of all 3 of my girls while I was expecting and in the first months after birth. This was partly because of how hard it seemed to plan. I didn’t feel well while expecting and was so exhausted in the first months.

As a Central Alabama Maternity Photographer I love helping new moms plan their photo sessions. From wardrobe selections moms can borrow, shopping online for you or making hair and makeup appointments. There’s nothing I won’t do to help you plan and make the entire process easier for you.

This beautiful mom is expecting a sweet, boy and chose this dress from my client closet I purchased from Morning Lavender.

Do secure your Central Alabama Maternity Photographer as soon as possible and start planning early.

Many of the frustrations I see with clients when booking a photo sessions is last minute planning. Just like any last minute plans things often go wrong and stress us out.

I suggest securing your photographer for all of your important memories as soon as possible to secure the photographer you want. Many photographers book up quickly and, while we don’t like turning people away, there’s only so much time in the day.

Along with securing your session start planning as early as possible. If you would like to shop for wardrobe yourself give your self a few months to find something you like. Obviously your body will change but most bump friendly clothing is made with give. Dresses and tops with stretch are the most versatile.

After your Session

Print your images. Print your images. Print your images.

I can’t stress this enough. If you print and display them you’ll get daily enjoyment. Studies have shown family pictures displayed in the home offer many benefits. Some of these benefits include a boost in self-esteem for children and feelings of joy and happiness for everyone.

Don’t wait. Book your session today. Contact me here to get started.

Laura Cardan is a Central Alabama Maternity Photographer also offering newborn, baby and family photography sessions in and around Birmingham. Laura offers studio and on-location sessions.