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What to wear for Spring family pictures.

As a photographer offering Professional Photography in Birmingham I understand how your wardrobe also plays a crucial role in visual impact of your photos. Often it’s the difference between liking and loving your results.

As a mom of 3 I, also, understand how time consuming and expensive it can be putting together wardrobe for the entire family. Fortunately, you don’t need to break the bank to assemble a chic and versatile wardrobe. That’s why I have put together a list of items, with shopping links, for your Spring and Summer, 2024, family photography session that, not only photograph well, but are affordable.

Before you start purchasing new items to wear I suggest browsing Pinterest for inspiration photos you love. That will give you a great start. Then shop for the family member who tends to have the most opinions about what they’re wearing or are the hardest to shop for.

What colors and fabrics work best?

For Spring and Summer shades of light blue and green along with tans and creams are great, versatile colors to work with. Other pastel colors like pink, lavender and yellow are beautiful to incorporate but it’s always important to have enough neutrals to not overpower your photos and help create a cohesive look.

Fabrics like linen, linen blends, knits, chiffons, woven cottons and muslins photograph really well. I usually suggest sticking to 1 pattern and building around that. Pieces with stripes that incorporate a decent amount of negative space can, often, be incorporated into a family wardrobe that includes another pattern. Avoid small stripes that are close together along with ribbed knits, checks and plaid as they often cause Moire in digital images.

Women’s wardrobe

There are many great, online, shops to find beautiful dresses (I always suggest dresses for women) that photograph well and you’ll enjoy wearing other places. Unfortunately women tend to be the most expensive to shop for so these pieces can be more of an investment but there are great options for less, as well. While the look of what you’re wearing is important, comfort is key to fully enjoying your session and adding a piece you’ll enjoy wearing over and over again. Don’t be scared to buy used. Poshmark is a great source to find designer brands cheaper.

Cream Nothing Fits But Dress Pink Puff Sleeve Dress Ivory Flutter Sleeve Dress

Beige Floral Dress White Floral Tan Floral Dress

Solid Blue Dress Sage Floral Dress White/blue floral dress

Older Girls

Some of my favorite shops for older girls include, Zara, Joyfolie and Hayden Girls.

Baby and Toddler girl wardrobe

I personally find young girls to be the easiest to shop for and will, often, shop for these last if I am helping a client with wardrobe or shopping for my youngest girl. There are so many varieties of dresses, sets, rompers and bubbles available. Any Amazon tagged items below have ben personally used by me or a client and come recommended.

Don’t forget to checkout some of the other items the linked shops offer.

Pink or blue Flutter Dress (girl – other colors available) Baby Rompers (up to 24 months)

Cream Floral Baby/Toddler Dress White and blue floral Dress (baby/todddler)

baby/Toddler pink floral dress white eyelet baby, sweater outfit

Baby/toddler Floral Dress with blue flowers (has sister sets) Beige Toddler Dress

Off White stripe baby/toddler dress Pink Tutu Dress (Toddler/girl)

Men and Older Boys

I find men and older boys the easiest to dress. Long chinos in khaki or light grey are great. Add a solid, untucked (tucked if Mom has a dressier dress), button up or henley and you’re good to go. You can never go wrong with white or off-white in the Spring and Summer.

Baby and Toddler boy wardrobe

Baby and Toddler boys items aren’t as plentiful as girls items but they tend to be more simple. For boys and men I suggest solid colors so Women and Girls can add in the pretty florals. You can, often, add a striped item, as seen below but it doesn’t always work well.

Baby Boy shortall baby/Toddler boy Shirt Baby Boy Overalls (comes in toddler too)

baby/toddler Sage stripe short set Baby/Toddler roll up pant Baby/Toddler off white stripe shortall

Toddler blue shortalls baby/toddlervarious rompers blue baby/toddler chino shorts

toddler white henley

Checkout some inspiration below.

Laura Cardan is a professional maternity, newborn, baby, and family photographer in Birmingham, Alabama.