newborn boy sleeps in a basket

Lifestyle Photographer in Birmingham AL

As a lifestyle photographer in Birmingham AL capturing your memories in your home brings me great joy. You will cherish these memories for a lifetime. Having them taken in the first place baby will call home will draw you back to those moments even more.

How do you decide when to have me come to your home for your lifestyle, newborn photography session?

Parent’s often ask what the best time for newborn portraits is. As a general rule I like the 2 week-3 week range for sleepier newborns. That, also, gives mom time to heal and everybody a little time to get used to having a new baby in the house.

Between 3 and 4 weeks babies will typically be awake more and are a little more restless. 4+ weeks usually brings smiling babies who will likely sleep only briefly but are generally very happy and content for the majority of their session.

Keep in mind, these are general rules. Every baby is different. I have had 9 day old babies who cried their entire session and 4 week olds, like the one you see here, who slept 95% of the time I was there.

Laura Cardan is a lifestyle photographer in Birmingham AL. She offers newborn and family lifestyle photography on-location in clients home and outdoors.