Birmingham Botanical Gardens Photography

Birmingham Botanical Gardens Photography sessions are often some of my favorite.

Why choose a Birmingham Botanical Gardens Photography session?

Stunning lighting

Gorgeous lighting is the first thing I look for when choosing a spot for a photography session. The gardens has beautiful morning and evening light.

Flexible session times

Along with gorgeous light the gardens offers ample shade and is a perfect location to start a photo session a little later in the morning or a little earlier in the evening. This session flexibility is especially great for parents with young children who might not make it through a 6pm or later session time.

Great in all types of weather

Whether its sunny, cloudy or even raining there’s always a spot at the gardens to hold a session. The arboretum provides reprieve from rainy days and the many paths are great for bouncing light on cloudy days.

Something for everybody at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens

I find the Gardens to be a great spot for all types of photography as there are many spots to photograph and places to sit. Even on the busiest of days there’s always a beautiful spot that hasn’t been taken over by other photographers.

Laura Cardan offers outdoor maternity, newborn, baby, and family sessions at the Gardens and other areas around Birmingham.