1st birthday photoshoot in Birmingham

A first birthday photoshoot in Birmingham is a special way for parents to document the their infant becoming a toddler. Timeless keepsakes and professional photos can be proudly display or gifted to loved ones.

There are many creative possibilities in styling and setting. Laura works to craft images with a mix of posed portraits and candid shots that feel natural. Lighting is designed to be bright and airy. Photos highlight baby’s milestones and growth over the past year.

When to book your 1st birthday photoshoot in Birmingham

Planning your baby’s 1st birthday photoshoot in Birmingham in advance helps ensure you get the date you want. It’s recommended to book your session at least 2-3 months in advance.

Furthermore, when picking a date, consider what stage your baby may be in as they all progress differently. Babies who can pull up and stand on their own but aren’t moving around quickly allow for the biggest variety of shots. Laura is very flexible with weekday morning, studio sessions so re-arranging to suit baby is almost always possible.

Also think about what the season and weather will be like. Outdoor photos can be gorgeous but also unpredictable. Late spring and early fall sessions generally have the best foliage. If opting for an indoor studio, the weather won’t be a factor.

Which type of 1st birthday photoshoot should I choose?

Laura offers small milestone studio sessions for baby or baby and 1 parent. She also offers family studio sessions and outdoor/in-home family sessions.

Milestone studio, small session

Milestone studio, small sessions are more posed and last around 30 minutes. These take place in Laura’s in-home studio in Vestavia on weekday mornings. Laura has a variety of props to pull up on, hold on to and sit on along with a bed for laying down poses. Blankets, small hairbows and some outfits are provided. 1 parent may be included in these. Click here for package details.

Family milestone sessions

Family milestone sessions are a perfect way to document the bond your baby has with every parent, sibling, pet and all of the fun things they’re doing on their own.

Outdoor sessions are best for large families or families with really active children or just because you love the outdoor session look. These sessions allow for a lot of movement and exploring and are a lot of fun.

In-home sessions are a great way to preserve memories in the place you spend most of your time. Capture your 6 month old or 1 year old in their nursery and other favorite places in your home.

Studio family sessions are best for smaller families. Laura will focus on capturing baby by themselves in a variety of poses, with the entire family and with each family member. Studio sessions are great if it’s really cold or hot outdoors or you really love the light, bright and minimal look.

The photos from your baby’s 1st birthday photoshoot will tell the story of their first year and your journey as a new parent. Looking back on the photos later on, you’ll be so glad you made the effort to organize this special photoshoot. These images will become timeless treasures for your family.

Laura Cardan is a maternity, newborn, baby, children’s and family photographer based out of Vestavia, Alabama and serving Birmingham and surrounding cities.