Turning 1 | Birmingham, AL Baby Photographer

1st birthday baby photography sessions are so much fun and one of my favorite Birmingham sessions to photograph. Usually the babies can’t walk yet and are ready to smile at the littlest things. I’d like to tell you he loved me so much he smiled just for me the whole time, but I have to give grandma most of the credit. It’s always helpful when an extra person tags along to help.

Mom chose an outdoor session and we photographed them and little man in my favorite Vestavia field on a surprisingly warm March day just before everything got shut down.

Just look a those thighs. Don’t you feel like you could reach out and squeeze them? I have a baby thigh squeezing problem, though I try to refrain from squeezing babies that don’t know me.

Laura Cardan is a Maternity, Newborn, Children’s, and Family photographer based out of Birmingham, Alabama.

  1. Jimmy Cecil says:

    Love all the pictures you hsve taken of my grandchildren. You have a special way of capturing those special unforgettable moments. Children grow up so fast and pictures will always be there to spark memories for grandparents.
    Thanks for the beautiful memories!

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