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Garrett Family 1st birthday session

I first met this sweet family in 2019 right after they had just moved here from North Carolina. Being from the same area of NC, myself, we had fun talking about everything that was familiar to both of us. We even figured out we knew a few of the same people.

I had the honor of photographing baby girls newborn session the following summer and now she’s one. The bond big brother and sisters share with her is beautiful. They were all so sweet with each other and ready to love on baby sister or mom and dad. You can see they, also, had a lot of fun.

How do you get so many smiles out of young children?

One of my main goals during a family session is to ensure small children have fun. This paves the way joyful moments while, often, making them more cooperative when we need them to, briefly, stand still.

My favorite way to get smiles out of young children is to have mom and dad spin them. I call this the “spin and squish.” Each parent holds a child and spins them. Then you squish together and I start yelling to get their attention so everybody looks at me. This usually results in the most joyous smiles and a perfect, “everybody looking at the camera” portrait. It works well with 1 child, as well as you can see from the first image below. In this case I told mom and dad to continue looking at baby girl for a more interactive image.

What’s your favorite way to capture children?

Children always want to engage with parents and, even, siblings individually. Often, the only child that will have images with parents individually is the oldest. I, however, believe it’s important to capture the bond each child has with each parent and even their siblings and will encourage them if you haven’t requested them.

Laura Cardan offers maternity, newborn and family photography in and around Tuscalloosa AL.

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