Light and Airy Photographers in Birmingham AL

Light and Airy photographers in Birmingham AL offer a variety of shooting locations for their sessions. Shooting in beautiful fields for family sessions and in your home for newborn sessions are my favorite spots. Open fields allow for beautiful light and plenty of room to roam. Room to roam, in my opinion, is necessary when little kids are involved. Lifestyle sessions in your home are a great way to preserve memories in the place where you make so many.

The Lewis family chose to document their growing family a few months before they welcome a baby girl. It was a very hot, Alabama day but we had lots of fun and they made some great memories. I am excited to see them again in their home for a Lifestyle Newborn Session when baby girl arrives.

My child will never cooperate for a photo session.

If you’re like many parents, you may be thinking your child will never cooperate for photos. The reality is most children won’t stand still and smile for the camera. That doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful photos, though. Children need to be engaged and have fun.

During your session I will do anything to engage your children and employ you to do the same. This might include silly noises from a noise maker, acting like their favorite animal, or having you give them a shoulder ride. You can definitely expect me to ask you to spin them. This is my number one way of grabbing that classic, everybody looking at the camera, family portrait without them realizing they have just cooperated.

What do I wear if I am having portraits made my one of the area light and airy photographers?

Light and airy photographers will usually guide you to choose light colors like pastels, greys and tans. Along with the location, lighting and editing, choosing colors that aren’t bright and bold are what gives the best light and airy look. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have some color in your portraits. If you’re a bright color lover you can incorporate some color like this mom did with some floral. You can see the overall color of the dress is a soft pink, which helps keep their overall look light. When choosing color and patterns I suggest keeping it to a minimum.

Laura Cardan is a Maternity, Newborn and Family Photographer providing Light and Airy photography in and around Birmingham AL.

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