Mountain Brook Family Photographer

As a Mountain Brook family photographer I knew this was going to be a fabulous session when the 3 year old, who had never met me, jumped out of the car and gave me a hug. Then she proceeded to smile the entire session and show lots of her personality. Thanks for choosing me, Brewer’s. You all were so fun to work with.

This session took place in my favorite field that’s perfect for family photography sessions. I strive to choose wide, open areas that allow for a lot of movement as I have found your children will be more comfortable if they don’t feel contained.

My favorite field boasts beautiful, green grass and clover the majority of the year. This makes a great location for photographing your family in my signature, light and airy way.

You will notice the Brewer’s have chosen light colors for their wardrobe. Neutrals, whites and light pastels are the best colors for my style as they help keep your images light and airy.

young girl excitedly, running through a green field in a white dress

I love to give your children a lot of prompts for fun activities like running as fast as they can to me, twirling and smelling flowers. In between those prompts is where I usually catch the sweetest shots as they are more likely to stand still for a second or two since they know something fun is coming.

Family interaction is key when trying to capture all aspects of your children’s personalities. Even they shyest of children come alive when they can play and snuggle with you and their siblings. There are so many ways to play during a session and provide you with beautiful images I couldn’t possibly run out of ideas.

Laura Cardan is a Mountain Brook family photographer. She also offers Maternity, Newborn and Children’s photography on location and in studio in and around Mountain Brook, Alabama.

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