• Believes Photography should be full of joy and love
  • Lover of all things light and minimal

Hi!  I'm Laura.   I'm a wife, mother of 3 girls, and lover of beautiful sun filled portraits.

My love of minimal colors and styles inspired my photography style.  Providing  you with timeless images full of love, joy and connection that will stand the test of time along with all of the help you need , in the process, for a relaxed photosession of time is my goal.  

Birmingham Photographer, mother, Sunset Chaser

Who I am

serving clients in Birmngham, Alabama and surrounding areas

When I first became a photographer, traditional family portraits were my thing.  I approached every session with a lot of nervous energy and wanted to give up.  I didn't want your session to feel like a chore and it almost always did.

"What if the kids don't behave?"  What if Dad is grumpy because he doesn't want to be there?"  What if Mom is so stressed from planning she can't relax and enjoy this time with her family?'

Removing those negative feelings and providing you with everything you need for a photo session everyone would enjoy is my goal. 

From wardrobe you can borrow, shopping for you online, making hair and makeup appointments and providing you with beautiful print options I am here to guide you every step of the way so you can relax and enjoy this time.

POrtrait Photographer

What I do for you

Photograph by Kara of Lily's Rose Photography

Whether a short day trip or a vacation abroad, travel is good for the soul.

Travel is good for the soul

Sunsets create magic unlike anything else — and they should always be enjoyed.

Photographic memories should be printed so you can feel them all over again 

Sunsets should always be enjoyed

fond memoires should last forever

Time with those we love should always be valued, treasured, and remembered.

Relationships are to be treasured

Moments big and small should be celebrated, captured, and cherished.

Moments should be celebrated

What I believe